For Sellers

KRAIN is one of the few brokerages that has the ability to assist in establishing a realistic list price based on justifiable data and projections.  For our sellers raw land, on the front end of a commercial listing, KRAIN is able to advise on the highest and best use of a property, project build and infrastructure costs, and develop pro formas for potential investors based on market needs and trends. Once these projections are established, KRAIN can then provide their sellers with a market value and clear objectives moving forward with the marketing of their commercial property.  With solid and justified pro formas, KRAIN can then begin to market the property to potential investors.  As such, KRAIN has a deeper understanding of the property and the value it holds, allowing it to market the property in the best way possible.

For potential hotel sites, and similar to its valuation model for the mixed-use resort development, KRAIN can analyze a site and create a pro forma based on site potential, key count and demand. KRAIN can even adjust the build cost based on certain hotel brands’ quality criteria.  With this evaluation, KRAIN can market a hotel site within a planned development and attract the right hotel brand for that specific development.

For existing hotels, KRAIN can give an evaluation based on the value of existing real estate in today’s market, the value of existing structures or their replacement costs, the potential for growth and/or expansion, the review of profit and loss statements, the business’s good faith value, and the value of fixtures, furniture, and inventory.  KRAIN creates custom pro formas and marketing pieces for each hotel that it markets.