For Buyers

KRAIN attracts the largest share of investors seeking commercial property in Guanacaste.  This is true for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, KRAIN’s marketing reach for commercial property is unsurpassed.  Second, KRAIN’s Chicago office gives stability and confidence to clients that are already familiar with the brand.  Third, investors rely on KRAIN’s professional work product when conducting their preliminary search for commercial property.  From KRAIN’s initial feasibility and market analysis, to its ability to act as a liaison to the best legal, engineering, and architectural firms throughout Costa Rica, KRAIN is the brokerage that investors rely upon to compare investment and development opportunities.

Finally, investors prefer working with KRAIN because it is the only company in Guanacaste with a large and highly trained sales force in place to handle all residential resale and commercial leasing needs of a project once developed.  Investors feel comfortable working with KRAIN because they know that KRAIN will be there every step of the way—from the purchase of a project, to the resale of individual homes, to management of commercial and residential leases.  KRAIN’s focused resale strategy and ability to market residential resales to 132 countries gives our investors the confidence that they will achieve the highest and best return on their investment.